A technology seminar on IOT

What is the Internet of Things era? The Southern California Chinese Academy of Science and Technology and the Science and Technology Section of the Economic and Cultural Affairs Office held the “Internet of Things Technology Symposium” at the Luoqiao Center on the August 8th 2015.

The lecture is introductory and the audience can understand without a computer background. The seminar discussed the products and application examples of the Internet of Things, and explained the profound changes in the Internet of Things.

In the next decade, human beings will enter the “Internet of Things” era. and live in a smart world. Dr. Zhang, President of American ZHTECH Corporation, introduced the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing. He indicated that cloud computing is the cornerstone of the Internet of Things. According to IBM, by 2020, the number of connected points of the Internet of Things will reach 50 billion. Each person can connect seven to eight points, such as refrigerators, electric stoves, doors and windows, cars, etc. and can control and interact IOT. By 2050, human beings will enter an intelligent society, including smart cities, intelligent transportation, smart travel, smart medical care, etc., and all aspects of life will be intelligent. On the other hand, because almost all data saved on the cloud, hackers can also break into the system. How protecting privacy is a challenge. With the development of science and technology, these privacy problems will also be solved.