Dr. Peter Zhang lectured at University of Southern California

On 2017年12月1日, Dr. Zhang Hua gave a lecture on Artificial Intelligence (AI) at the University of Southern California.

Dr. Zhang explain why artificial intelligence (AI) is popular, the types of artificial intelligence, and the knowledge needed for students to enter the artificial intelligence industry. Dr. Zhang also compared and contrasted AI between the United States and China. He pointed out that although China is developing fast and making good progress in AI, especially in the application of artificial intelligence in real world due to the rich data sources, the United States is leading AI at the fundamentals, algorism, platform, analysis and visual technology. He explained that the enthusiasm of artificial intelligence is inseparable from the development of big data, as well as the enhancement of computing power and algorithms.

Dr. is a strategic partner of Microsoft and Amazon Cloud Computing and Big Data, and a adjunct professor at California State University. He has been active in the IT industry in Southern California for many years, especially in the areas of cloud computing and big data. Dr. Zhang has extensive experience in technical guidance, project management, and IT training.