Dr. Peter Zhang visited Tsinghua University

On Sept. 16, 2019, Dr. Peter Zhang visited Tsinghua University’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Research Institute and discussed AI topics with the Professors Zhang, Bo and Zhu, Xiaoyan there.  Tsinghua University ranks No. 1 in China (similar to MIT in USA).  The AI Research Institute is proud of its talent professors and students focusing on core theories and technical researches. Tsinghua University is the first stop of 2019 China trip for Dr. Peter Zhang invited by the Chinese Universities for lecturing and academic exchanges.

1 With famous Academician Zhang Bo, Dean of the Academy.  张钹教授,清华大学人工智能研究院院长,中科院院士。


2. With Professor Xiaoyan ZHU, Department of Computer Science and Technology, 朱小燕教授,清华大学电子计算机系。

3. Research illustration.

4. Graduate Students at Work

Dr. Peter Zhang posting at the Building of Information Technology, Tsinghua University.