Dr. Zhang’s lectured on Cloud Computing and Big Data

[Epoch Times, December 15, 2014]

On December 6th, 2015, the Chinese-American Engineers and Scientists Association of Southern California (CESASC) held a workshop on cloud computing and big data technology . Dr. Zhang gave a lecture on Cloud Computing and Big Data.

Cloud services like public facilities

The existence of public facilities is to provide convenience for the people. When the switch is on, the call can be made, the water is turned on, and the telephone is opened. The user can no longer care about how the hardware and software behind it. Cloud services, like these public facilities, follow the same model, so the cloud is also known as utility computing.
Before the cloud computing, no matter what type of computer, you must install a variety of software programs on this machine, such as MS Office, anti-virus, video playback, graphic program, financial software or ERP or CRM system.. These software and systems are constantly being updated, and companies need to hire professional IT technicians to maintain the system. With the cloud computing, these tasks are not needed. You just subscribe the service and pay according to your usage.

Future computer purchases will have major changes

According to Dr. Zhang, the president and CEO of ZHTECH Corporation, one of the cloud software suppliers in southern California, except for all the data that can exist in the cloud, the trend now is that all software, whether simple or complex, is moving to the cloud. He believes that this will greatly affect the future of computer and software acquisition. He said: “In the future, you don’t need to buy a fancy computer. You may only need to buy a very simple network computer. You can do a lot of things by connecting to the network. So you can save a lot of money. “

Cloud technology adds convenience and fun to life

In addition to saving money, cloud technology brings more convenience and fun to life. For example, Dr. Zhang said that using tablets, smart phones, social networking sites, pictures sending , YouTube video, Gmail taxi calling app, etc., these services need cloud computing and cloud storage for support, and our users did Not necessarily aware of it.