Dr. Zhang lectured at Nanjing University of Agriculture

On September 26th, 2018, Dr. Peter Zhang was joined invited by the School of Economics and Management and the Development, the Committee Office of Nanjing University of Agriculture. Dr. Zhang gave a lecture in the Lecture Hall on the third floor of Jinling Research Institute. The lecture is on “The Status Quo of US Blockchain Technology Development and Its Application in Food Safety”. More than 150 teachers and students from the School of Economics, Finance, Information Technology, and Food Science and Technology attended the lecture. Professor Zhang Hongsheng, Director of the Development Committee Office, presided over the report.

Dr. Zhang first introduced the concept of blockchain technology, such as history of bitcoin, distributed ledger, P2P transmission, encryption algorithm, and consensus mechanism. Dr. Zhang pointed out that Blockchain is a good medicine and weapon to solve the crisis of trust. Subsequently, he analyzed the relationship between blockchain and cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, artificial intelligence. He also discussed the limitations of blockchain technology, the future application scenarios of blockchain, including digital currency and intellectual property protection, the Internet and supply chain and decentralized major industries that may be subverted.

Finally, Dr. Zhang briefly introduced the development status of the US blockchain and the cases of the blockchain. The United States is the leader in the blockchain industry. The “blockchain beliefs” have risen to the US national strategy. It is expected that by 2021, the US blockchain market will grow at a CAGR of 61.5%. Although China lagged behind in terms of research and project financing and technology, but the gap is narrowing.
Dr. Zhang believes that blockchain has a wide employment prospect and a large market demand both in China and United States. He encourages teachers and students to actively participate in the research of blockchain and improve the technical level of blockchain in China.

The academic feast brought by Professor Zhang was warmly welcomed by the teachers and students of the school. The venue was packed. After the lecture, Dr. Zhang conducted in-depth discussions with the teachers and students on the blockchain technology in the priority areas of China’s food safety.

After the talk, Professor Chen Wei, Executive Vice President of the New Rural Development Research Institute, and Professor Xu Huanliang, Associate Dean of the School of Information Technology, exchanged ideas with Dr. Zhang, including the positioning of the blockchain industrial technology research institute to be established. Young teachers went to the doctoral laboratory of Dr. Zhang, and introduced the topic of the blockchain technology network course of Dr. Zhang’s research team.