Professor Peter Zhang lectured in Anhui University of Architecture, China

  • On the afternoon of September 20th, Prof. Zhang from California State University was invited to the School of Electronics and Information Engineering of Anhui University of Architecture, China to hold an academic lecture entitled “The Status and Trend of Blockchain Development”. About 200 teachers and graduate students of the School of Telecommunications participated attend the lecture.

Professor Zhang gave an in-depth introduction to the concept and types of blockchains, the relationship between blockchains and related technologies, the limitations of blockchains, development trends, and the deployment and practical methods of blockchains. The application of blockchains is described by way of examples and cases. The lecture was in-depth yet introductory, with pictures and texts. The teachers and students were benefit a lot from the lecture.

After the lecture, Prof. Zhang had an in-depth academic exchange and discussion with the professors and students in the university, and answered questions in different areas such as AI, big data and cloud computing.